Games: Candyland

One of my players, the one who plays Rhogar the Paladin, suggested we play a game of Drunk Candyland the other night.  Never one to turn down a new way to get a bit schlitzed with friends, we got right down to it.  There were only three of us, and God, in all honesty, you NEED four or more people to play this game.  The extra 5-10 seconds between drinks that extra person provides is essential to not being murdered by that asshole Lord Licorice and the unforgiving nature of those cards.

The Setup

  • Have 6 different drinks (one for each color on the board).
  • A shotglass for every player.
  • Requisite food and snacks.
  • Music

The Rules

  • Play the game per the normal rules.
  • Whenever a player takes a turn, they drink a shot of the color they landed on.
    • The bridges drink one of each the start and ending square.
    • Doubles drink twice.
    • The teleport cards drink twice.
  • When one person wins, the losers divide up the remaining drinks amongst themselves.  The winner may share in this suffering, but is not required to do so.

The Trial Run

Here’s what our setup looked like right before we started playing.

Our mixed drinks were as follows:

  • Orange – Rum and OJ
  • Yellow – Rum and Lemonade
  • Red – Raspberry Lemonade and Rum
  • Blue and Green – Rum and Gatorade
  • Purple – Raspberry Lemonade, Country Time Powder Mix, and Rum

Pretty damned shitty mixed drinks, but, well, it was a spur of the moment thing.  For the future iterations of the game I’d recommend Koolaid for every single mix.  In retrospect, I poured the drinks WAY too strong.  As I mentioned, we had three people and 6 drinks.  I put about a fifth of rum and a little bit of vodka into those glasses.  Bad idea.

I know the game is simple, and its really not a hard concept for a drinking game, I warn you that damned game goes on FOREVER.  We went through the whole deck of cards almost twice before the game was over.  And we were playing with three people.  Those shots were coming fast and furious and I could feel my throat tightening up towards the end of the game in that familiar “Dude, stop doing this to me” message my body gets me.

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